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YouTube set to release new features including shopping offering

Updated: Mar 25

YouTube is expanding the ways creators can monetize their content, interact with viewers, and generate new ideas for their channels.

Shopping is going to be widely expanded on across the app more generally, the company says. Beyond shoppable videos and Live Shopping, it’s also exploring other ways to incorporate shopping into the YouTube experience.

YouTube will soon roll out an integration that’ll allow you to interact on your phone with the video you’re watching on TV. This will work when you’re logged into the same account on both devices and will allow viewers to read or write a comment and share videos from their mobile device, among other things.

Zalando Implications

YouTube expanding their shopping offering is not surprising with live shopping growing rapidly in some markets, along with multiple platforms attempts to make the shopping experience as frictionless as possible. These new features could generate potential opportunities for Zalando in the future so their functionality and usership could be worth keeping an eye on.

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