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Vans, Balenciaga and Benefit Cosmetics tap the multi-billion-dollar video gaming industry

Updated: Mar 25

While estimates of the value of the global gaming industry vary, market researchers generally peg direct revenue from video games at about $180 billion to $200 billion, including sales of game consoles, games and hardware like controllers, and revenue from other sources such as in-game purchases and advertising.

One reason fashion players are expressing interest is that games offer a potential revenue stream from sales of digital clothing and products. But perhaps more significantly, they are a way for brands to extend themselves into the virtual spaces where people are spending a growing share of their time. They represent a relatively untapped marketing channel where creative companies can produce immersive, interactive experiences unlike anything available to them through other mediums.

Vans launched an ongoing project inside Roblox centred on skateboarding. Balenciaga brought its brand DNA into the world of Fortnite. LVMH-owned Benefit Cosmetics took a slightly different approach, establishing a presence on Twitch, a popular platform for video-game livestreaming.

Zalando Implications

Other proof for Zalando on the potential revenue that the gaming industry offers from sales of digital clothing plus the immersive and interactive experiences the industry can offer unlike any other.

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