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Timberland launches gamified digital experience

Updated: Mar 25

Timberland has launched a gamified digital experience named 'TimbsTrials' allowing visitors to the site to journey through the brands past, present and future through six chapters. Once visitors have chosen a chapter they will be transported into the respective location where they will walk down a set path with various windows exploring how Timberland has influenced people, art, music and culture during its near 50-year history.

In addition to looking into the brand’s history, the digital experience also looks to the future with a focus on Timberland’s commitment to purposeful product innovation and eco-leadership, and its vision for all its products to have a net positive impact on nature by 2030. The campaign will come to life both online at the dedicated Timbstrials.co.uk microsite and in Timberland retail stores across the globe, creating a link between the metaverse and the real world.

Zalando Implications

This is an example of a fashion brand’s attempt to gamify an experience. It could be a useful case study to follow if Zalando decides to run a gamified campaign in the future.

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