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TikTok expands marketing partner program to provide assistance in audio elements

Updated: Mar 25

According to TikTok, 88% of its users consider sound to be essential to the in-app experience, while 73% are more likely to stop and look at ads with audio, making it a key consideration for brand content campaigns.

TikTok is introducing six certified Sound Partners who can help brands to build sound-on strategies. In addition to its Commercial Music Library - a pool of over 150,000 pre-cleared, royalty-free tracks sourced from emerging artists and top-tier music houses, in order to facilitate custom music and effects to accompany promotions.

Zalando Implications

This expansion represents an opportunity for Zalando to generate its own branded trend from sound-aligned campaign using TikTok's commercial music library or generating sounds that become icons of the brand which it can be escalated in other channels and easily remembered by its audience.

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