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TikTok announces GIPHY app integration

Updated: Apr 5

TikTok has announced a new in-app creation tool called TikTok Library where users will be able to access entertainment content. The library will initially be populated with select content from GIPHY, including its collection of GIFs and GIFs with sound, with plans to expand the library over time with additional content sources.

TikTok has announced the launch will initially be on Android with iOS launching the following week.

Zalando Implications

GIPHY Clips are a way for entertainment partners like TV and movie studios, game developers, record labels, sports leagues, and news media to share licensed video content on GIPHY’s platform. Brands can partner with GIPHY and release content on their platform which can be shared in messaging apps or workplace tools like Slack. This integration with TikTok provides brands like Zalando with another platform for brand content to be potentially shared widely on.

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