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Snapchat launches new AR shopping lens

Updated: Mar 25

Snapchat has introduced a new way of browsing products through its camera, with a lens that aims to make the shopping experience more personal.

App users can already use the platform to try-on digital products and make click-through purchases. Shopping Lenses also provides product information and SKU-specific purchase capabilities. Prices and colour details are dynamically updated in real-time, allowing users to make purchases on items and styles that are in-stock and ready to ship.

Cutting down on the clicks that it takes for a user to track down and buy a product that they like when they see it on social, Shopping Lenses allows a shopper to purchase an item with one tap on the Lens Product Card triggered by the experience. According to the site, its users are now engaging with its augmented reality (AR) features more than six billion times per day, with 93 percent of those using the additions for AR shopping.

Zalando Implications

Augmented Reality ‘try-on’ is a technology that is not new but one that’s usage is likely to grow exponentially over the years to come. Social media platforms are adding features to remove friction and enable interested users to purchase products in a seamless way, which improves experience for customers with high intent which could be significant for Zalando in the future.

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