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Report reveals Gen Z consumers want gender equality in fashion

Updated: Mar 25

A Gen Z Fashion Report by UniDays has found that 61% of Gen Z’s think that mainstream fashion overlooks minority groups with 87% believing strongly that there should be better gender equality and inclusion within fashion.

The report, which surveyed more than 4,624 Gen Z students, added that 65 percent felt that brands could improve the online retail experience by providing “gender neutral” search options, rather than being funnelled to search for either men’s or women’s ranges from the outset.

Zalando Implications

There is a growing change in attitude within Gen Z showing its consumers to be more socially conscious. This generational shift in attitude could be worth following as more of this generation grow older and begin to fall into the Broad Z Type audience, reflecting these values could become imperative for brands.

Full article is available here

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