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New Twitter feature could see users co-author tweets with brands

Twitter are believed to be working on a feature that would allow multiple users to co-author a tweet which it refers to ‘Collaborations’. The new feature is not yet publicly available but seemingly hints at a possible plan to give creators a way to partner with brands on ad deals.

A similar feature already exists on Instagram and Twitter already has several brand advertisers using its platform in addition to a significant number of high-profile users with large followings that could be seen as ‘influencers’ of sorts, even if not in the same way as they might be on Instagram. This new expected Collaborations feature could combine those two groups to the benefit of brands.

Zalando Implications

Twitter Collabs has not officially been announced but its arrival on the platform has been anticipated for a while and is expected to happen soon. When it does arrive on the platform it could provide Zalando with access to an influencer’s following and allow the brand to align itself with said influencers which could be useful when trying to reach and resonate with a certain audience in the future.

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