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Meta announces the removal of thousands of ad-targeting services

Updated: Mar 25

Facebook is taking more steps to align with evolving privacy regulations by removing a swathe of detailed ad targeting options that relate to potentially problematic issues and causes. From January 19, 2022 they will remove Detailed Targeting options that relate to topics people may perceive as sensitive, such as options referencing causes, organizations, or public figures that relate to health, race or ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, or sexual orientation.

It could also cause businesses that have made certain issues part of their brand messaging to change their approach. In particular with young consumers who are more likely to buy from brands that support causes and movements that they align with, and as such, those businesses have also been able to use this as a marketing angle to connect with these communities.

Zalando Implications

The removal of the ad-targeting services could impact all the industry but also gives the opportunity for Zalando to be more creative in its pursuit of reaching its audience, this should also impact the effectiveness due to the relevance of the message for this audience.

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