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Klarna launches an experiential activation

Updated: Mar 25

Klarna is launching an experiential activation in Manchester to raise awareness amongst consumers and influencers regarding social media advertising guidelines. The activation, a pop-up double-decker bus, will be located in Manchester’s Spinningfields to help consumers recognise when they are seeing an advert. The proactive step is to offer greater transparency to consumers, so they understand when they are seeing a paid-for advert versus organic content on social media, and follows the launch of its Influencer Council Whitepaper, a guide intended to be used by brands and influencers to advertise responsibly across social media.

Zalando Implications

Klarna’s double-decker bus is an example of another type of OOH activations. Zalando needs to consider this type of activations where consumers can get experiences they can share to generate brand engagement.

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