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Jack Grealish set to sign seven-figure Gucci deal

Manchester City and England midfielder Jack Grealish is on the verge of signing a seven-figure endorsement deal with Gucci. It’s the Italian brand’s first such deal with a footballer and means that he follows in the footsteps of fellow ambassadors, the singer, Harry Styles, and actor, Jared Leto.

Zalando Implications

The partnership is an interesting one because Jack Grealish is an unexpected brand ambassador, along with a sports tie-in for Gucci rather interesting in itself. The Italian brand could have chosen one of Italy’s many stylish footballers, or one of the Premier League’s other footballers with their own unique style such as Marcus Rashford or Hector Bellerin, but his embrace of fashion and vanity has gained him legions of female and gay fans, helping him appeal to a wider audience.

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