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Instagram and TikTok both trialling paid subscribers for influencers

Updated: Mar 25

In 2020, Meta launched Subscriptions for some content creators on Facebook with subscribers receiving benefits such as subscriber-only content and membership badges. Now Instagram and TikTok are both testing similar pilots for a select few of its US-based influencers. This will allow the content creator to charge subscription fees and earn additional income on the platforms and allow subscribers to feel closer to their favourite content creators. It is also seen as an attempt by the platforms to reduce the need for competitors’ platforms like Patreon.

The feature is not widely available on either Instagram or TikTok yet and is currently being tested by a select group of influencers in the US, however if the pilots prove to be successful it can be expected that these will roll out in full sometime in the future.

Zalando Implications

This feature, if successful on either Instagram, TikTok, or both platforms, could provide access to the most loyal fanbase of certain influencers. Given the feature was generally considered to be a success on Facebook which led to Meta to roll it out on Instagram, it would be logical to assume that it could be a success on these platforms too.

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