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Holiday x Refresher Campaign


Campaign Duration:



In 2021, the wider Holiday Campaign was supported by a local concept & creative starring influencers local to the SK market with a focused targeting on Gen Z and Millennials.

The idea of the local creative was built around 'the Joy of first times‘ message connected to 'Joy is ours‘ from the global assets and saw local influencers sharing their experience of first times connected to Christmas. The campaign aimed to share positivity with the target audience and as such the local market prepared a cooperation with the most popular local website for 18-35 year olds, Refresher.

The Challenge

Connect Zalando‘s 'Joy of first times‘ with positivity amongst the core target audience.


The campaign saw complex native coverage in Refresher, the sponsorship of a podcast starring Expl0ited (one of the campaign‘s influencer), a native article about influencers‘ first times, sponsorship with Freshnews (a recap of the weeks' news), and an Instagram contest in which followers shared their first time moments related to the holiday season and competed for vouchers). This was in addition to Instagram and Facebook banner ads and banner & video ads on all Refresher pages. Native cooperation helped the local market to connect different outcomes, build the story, explain the campaign message and to bring joy to people in connection with Zalando.


  • +32% impressions vs. plan

  • 227k video views (+8% vs plan)

  • 10k interactions with IG posts

  • 7,5k comments under IG contest

Sponsored video is available here

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