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Netflix.shop has launched in the US

Updated: Mar 25

Netflix has launched a dedicated shopping site - netflix.shop - and commissioned some products including clothes and lifestyle products relating to the show. It is only possible to buy from the site in the US so far, but we can all look at the collections, such as streetwear brand Hypland’s clothing collection inspired by the anime series Yasuke. The press release also promises future products relating to Stranger Things and Lupin, and even teases ‘immersive events’.

Zalando Implications

Looking forward to see the first results after the US launch and how brands are integrated onto the platform. Watch out for the global rollout to identify opportunities for Zalando – top of mind we could think of a partnership opportunity, potentially selling limited edition of branded products (i.e. Stranger Things or Lupin) in exclusivity. The sponsorship of an immersive event that would resonate with our TA could also be a possibility… Stay tuned!

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