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H&M selling external brands for first time

Updated: Mar 25

H&M is selling external fashion brands on its website for the first time in Sweden and Germany with the intention of adding more brands and markets. A spokesperson for H&M said "Customers are now able to shop from more brands in the H&M Group family, as well as from a curated selection of other fashion brands such as Lee, Wrangler and Kangol, among others."

Zalando Implications

This is significant because it can be seen as H&M directly trying to compete with Zalando and other online retailers amid a market that is increasingly moving away from physical stores, especially due to the pandemic speeding up the switch to online shopping for many consumers. It is also the first sign of H&M moving towards a marketplace that includes other brands other than its own, much in the same way as Zalando.

Full article is available here.

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