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H&M introduces second-hand fashion offer in two markets

Updated: Mar 25

H&M has added a second-hand clothing offering to its website in its home market of Sweden, which will be followed by launching the same offering on their German website. The online marketplace will allow users to both purchase and sell second-hand clothing from H&M owned brands, as a well as a selection of third-party labels like Asos, Nike, Zara and Abercrombie and Fitch.

The move follows H&M’s launch of an online apparel resale platform in Canada in September of 2021 and a spokesperson for the H&M Group stated this will help the brand push circularity in fashion leading to a more sustainable future.

Zalando Implications

It is worth noting that H&M are launching a resale platform on their website in two markets that Zalando are very active in. It could be worth following the success of this platform and its launch and acknowledging that this could be a competitor to Zalando Pre-owned.

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