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Gucci opens permanent Roblox residency "Gucci Town"

Gucci has introduced a permanent experience for the digital world's consumers via the metaverse platform Roblox, which has digitised various components of the premium brand's goods.

Gucci Town, the virtual piazza, aims to engage with Gucci followers by allowing them to visit a collection of structures inspired by the brand's real-world products. Players can enter Gucci competitions and create art pieces online through an in-game portal, as well as visit an exhibition space linked to the brand's online concept store, Vault, to see current product drops and collaborations.

Zalando Implications

The new feature follows on from a range of other Gucci activations in Roblox in the recent past. Gucci is continuing to venture deeper into the metaverse and explore more possibilities, with much of this new space developed alongside emerging creators from the Roblox community. Whilst of course digital experiences like these are being used in individual campaigns, the fact this activation is a permanent installation signals that Gucci could be banking on the metaverse becoming an even further part of its strategy in the coming years.

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