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Ellesse releases co-branded collection with Netflix

Updated: Mar 25

Sportswear brand Ellesse has partnered with the Netflix series Cobra Kai in a selection of items that celebrate the popular Netflix show. The collection launches on February 3rd and is inspired by the show and eighties fashion.

Zalando Implications

The collaboration marks Netflix continuing its trend from 2021 of partnering its shows with fashion brands, having already partnered with Malone Souliers, Balmain, AZ Factory and more.

The streaming company previously launched a collection of shoes in partnership with its show Bridgerton and the recent launch of popular show Emily in Paris saw Netflix introduce a shoppable content channel where looks from the show could be bought on Netflix.com (full article on this available here). It is also interesting to note that Netflix does not receive any revenue from these sales and their fashion partnerships are a form of marketing, creating a new way for the platform to reach viewers and at the same time blurring the line between a TV audience and a fashion-follower audience.

Full article is available here

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