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DressX launches collection of digital wearables on Roblox

Fashion-tech company DressX launched a collection of wearables on gaming and metaverse platform Roblox to become the first digital fashion brand to launch a collection on the gaming platform.

The launch includes 12 items on Roblox including sweaters, art collections and themed garments. DressX’s vision is for the future of fashion to be available to wear for anyone across various digital platforms.

Zalando Implications

Another strong example of digital fashion, gamification and the metaverse. One interesting trend to follow that is mentioned in the article is DressX's vision for the future of fashion to be available to wear across various digital platforms. At the moment there are multiple metaverses and games where consumers can access virtual clothing. Their future is an imagined one where consumers can access the same clothing in different platforms which could be a very interesting trend to follow.

Full article is available here

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