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Dr Martens launches resale market with Depop

As demand for refurbished apparel rises, Dr Martens has announced it will enter the repair and resale market thanks to a new relationship with online second-hand clothing marketplace Depop. A spokesperson for Dr Martens predicted that refurbished or secondhand boots might account for up to 15% of its sales in ten years, and as such it was critical to figure out how to participate in that market.

"We believe this will be a key part of how consumers shop in the future," he added, adding that other businesses were already selling used Dr Martens. "This is a piece of something much bigger for the company in the long run."

Zalando Implications

Interesting partnership for Dr Martens, who will likely be happy to be partnering with one of the largest second-hand retail platforms in Europe. Zalando obviously already has a second-hand offering, but this is trend is growing and showing no sign of slowing, with H&M recently launching a resale platform, Love Island in the UK partnering with eBay as a fashion partner, and the international resale market expected to grow from $27bn today to $57bn by 2025. Worth following what competitors and related businesses are doing in this space as the market grows.

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