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Discord providing platform for fashion brands' journey into Web3

Updated: Mar 25

The voice, video and text chat app that uses largely private servers is being increasingly used in tandem with launches within the fashion industry. Luxury sneaker start-up “Cult & Rain” is holding its first official presale for its shoes valued at $1,200 and the platform has been instrumental in increasing hype for the launch.

The platform has become a key promoter for brands’ NFT projects. Gucci shared an invite to its first Discord server via Twitter; in two days, it had more than 28,000 members. Kering, Gucci’s parent company, is even recruiting for someone to manage its Discord presence.

The platform has more than 150 million monthly active users and more than 19 million active weekly servers. Fostering a sense of exclusivity and desirability could be lucrative for brands seeking to legitimise NFT projects.

Zalando Implications

It could be worth tracking brand’s increasing usage of Discord as a platform for promoting items when launching NFTs or in-demand “hyped” fashion launches, especially if Zalando treads further into the Metaverse in the future. This article outlines interesting ways in which the platform is being used by fashion brands and Gucci’s parent company’s intention to recruit someone to manage their Discord presence is a sign of the growing trend.

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