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Dior launches industry-first WhatsApp campaign

The campaign gives Dior Beauty’s Instagram followers access to four days of content and conversation as part of the Dior Addict shine lipstick campaign on WhatsApp. Fans can join Jisoo’s (Korean singer and brand ambassador) WhatsApp group where they can engage with Jisoo’s chatbot over WhatsApp, with communication including images, videos, files, links, and audio files.

Zalando Implications

This is a really interesting campaign as it is not a channel that is frequently used for campaigns like this. Dior Beauty using a brand ambassador in a popular singer could be a good draw for fans of the singer (a live Louis Vuitton BTS fashion show drew over 30 million views) and it gives them an interesting opportunity to grow their brand through dark social. This is a campaign that will could be worth following for Zalando.

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