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Dentsu The Cookieless World Report 2021

Cookies have been the backbone of the open internet, but the clock is ticking on third-party cookies, and we need to plan for the disruption tomorrow by rethinking data strategies today.

In this new dentsu definitive guide for global marketers, The Cookieless World, we rise above unique market perspectives and cut through the ambient noise to help you focus on what you should know today and investigate tomorrow to be ready in 2023, when the world

will become cookieless.

Some of the key takeaways include:

  • The leading web browsers are moving away from third-party cookies, creating a fresh paradigm for the digital marketing industry.

  • Some digital marketing activities are impacted, such as data management, audience activation, and performance measurement.

  • Marketers must reconsider how they manage data.

  • Markets should investigate the possibilities offered by contextual targeting and cookieless audience targeting.

  • To measure future performance, marketers will have to combine multiple techniques, from in-platform attribution to incrementality measurement to media mix modelling.

The full report is downloadable below:

Dentsu Cookieless World Report 2021
Download PDF • 10.71MB

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