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Dentsu Ad Spends report

Updated: Apr 1

Here is the latest annual Dentsu Global Ad Spend Forecast for 2021 (see attached). This is our annual view looking at the 10 trends for the year ahead, outlooks by market and media channel, with some brand recommendations to conclude.

It is worth calling out some notable headlines including:

  • A return to growth is predicted for all regions in 2021 driven by Western Europe (7.5%).

  • For the first time, digital will reach half of total advertising expenditure in 2021, powering overall growth at a rate of 10.1%. Key drivers of digital growth will be social (18.3%), search (11%) and video (10.8%).

  • The focus of the print industry will continue to be on digital transformation, growing digital subscription and ad spends.

  • OOH ad spend is expected to recover at 14.9% growth in 2021 with Digital OOH evolving quickly, both its offer (including programmatic capabilities) as well as demand (advertisers' use of this media).

  • Investing in channel-specific innovations that offer enhanced targeting and new formats for advertisement delivery, such as TV on demand and addressable TV, will also be a key feature of 2021.

  • Marketers will need to think through a much broader range of shopping experiences. Consumers may be more willing to shop display walls, for example, where items are shown and can be scanned for delivery.

Full report below:

Dentsu Adspend Report - January 2021
Download PDF • 2.47MB

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