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Deloitte/Snap Augmented Reality Global Report 2021

Updated: Apr 1

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the next forms of mobile engagement that is exciting consumers, driving an enhanced engagement with brands, elevating consumer experiences and increasing brand revenues. This report by Deloitte and Snap covers a global study into consumers and augmented reality.

Some of the key takeaways include:

  • AR's impact on brands; AR is a critical tool for brands to capture consumer attention and better connect with people

  • AR's is evolving fast; The camera is driving the adoption of AR from being a playful technology to being an experience that drives excitement and utility into people's lives.

  • AR is here to stay; Widely recognised as both fun and useful, AR is seeing fast adoption and growth.

  • There is an untapped demand for more AR content, and people are already AR creators, propelling the AR ecosystem forward.

  • There is an imperative need to meet consumer's AR demand and this can be achieved by brands, platforms, and developers.

The full report is downloadable below:

Snapchat Consumer Augmented Reality Global Report 2021
Download PDF • 40.78MB

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