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Summer Campaign

Updated: Oct 19, 2021


Campaign Duration:


Campaign Budget:


Campaign Objectives:

Awareness: WOW action Make a new giant touchpoint, to contact in an amazing way.

Engage: Drive brand love connections trough Street Art Optimism and brand values

Ensure talkability and shareable

Selected Media Channels:

OOH, Social Media

Approach / Execution:

The facades of buildings in two of the main cities in the country, Madrid and Valencia, located in key places, are filled with colour to spread optimism, communicating diversity and fighting against stereotypes and beauty canons, by the hand of one of the most influential artists of the moment: Okuda San Miguel.

Murals and Urban Art become an advertising format in the first instance and will also be a gift to the cities, forever. The start point of the action was Chueca and we match the mural launch with the Gay Pride in Madrid, making a big canvas in the most popular square of the LGTB district where and when the gay pride day was released.


Awareness increased 4pp in Madrid and 1pp in Valencia

415k Social organic reach

622k Social organic impressions

49k Social organic interactions

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