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Bottega Veneta takes over rooftops of LAX

Updated: Mar 25

After taking down its accounts on social media in January, the Kering-owned brand is looking skyward for new clients, installing its ads on a rooftop beneath the flightpath for arrivals at Los Angeles International Airport.

With this uniquely placed signage, which will be up through for one month, Bottega’s latest looks are constantly well-illuminated in the LA sunshine. However, to ensure that passengers taking off and landing in the evening can get a glimpse of the campaign too, the brand has outlined Arca and Bolle’s silhouettes, as well as their name in bright white lights. So, at LAX, no matter when you fly or where you fly to, Bottega will be there to wish you a safe and stylish flight.

Zalando Implications

Bottega Veneta rooftops activation is a good example of a disruptive OOH campaign. It’s a good idea that Zalando could test for its 'always on' activity as it would help to generate awareness amplifying it in social media channels.

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