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Benefit Cosmetics hosts gaming tournament for women

Benefit Cosmetics is hosting what it says is the beauty industry’s first gaming tournament series for women. a month-long tournament series has been organised to amplify emerging female streamers and draw attention to the challenges they face in the male-dominated gaming space. The tournament will take place on the brand’s gaming site and live on Twitch, with promotions also being featured on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

This started with Benefit Cosmetic’s “Game Face” campaign two years ago, an attempt to connect gaming and beauty. This was followed up with the launch of a branded Twitch channel and a focus on streamer’s pre-streaming make-up routines.

Zalando Implications

Benefit Cosmetics has sought to make itself relevant in the gaming space and appeal to the women’s gaming audience, even if the men outnumber them. These gaming campaigns, whilst obviously having a gaming focus, also have a big focus on community building by putting on live in-game events that provide a unique opportunity for brands. In Deloitte’s 2022 Digital Media Trend US Report, they found 25% of US gamers attended in-game events and over 80% of these consumers made a purchase linked to the event. This shows the value that could be gained with a successful live gaming event.

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