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Authentic Brands Group plans to associate Reebok with luxury

Updated: Mar 25

Authentic Brands Group (ABG) will complete its acquisition of Reebok in March with the company already having big plans for its new brand. One of these new plans is to collaborate with luxury brands on Reebok’s behalf in luxury retailers in more than 50 countries.

Reebok’s contemporaries like Nike and Adidas have had no problem straddling the line between streetwear, sports, and luxury fashion. In Authentic Brands Group minds, Reebok should have that same ability.

Nick Woodhouse, President of ABG, said “Reebok is not a luxury brand, but neither is Nike or North Face,” Woodhouse said. “People wear Nike with luxury outfits all the time. Reebok and Nike kind of grew up together. There’s just as much heritage and just as much pedigree at Reebok as at Nike. They’re both at the intersection of athletics and fashion. There’s no reason Reebok can’t be one of those brands too”.

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