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About You launches NFT platform Hypewear

About You is launching a new digital fashion platform called Hypewear with aims of providing mainstream consumers with fashion NFTs, with new users who sign up receiving a free NFT upon registration. About You has stated that its new platform will give users the ability to purchase NFTs without the need for cryptocurrency.

The company has also stated it will work with 3D-fashion and graphic designers, as well as brands from fashion, sports, music, and gaming to create the NFTs.

Zalando Implications

This could be worth following for Zalando simply because it is a new platform aimed at bringing NFTs to the mainstream from one of its closest competitors. Many brands in the fashion industry are releasing products and working in the metaverse and associated Web 3.0 technologies, and whilst some brands have seen huge success, the technology is still in its relative infancy, so case studies are all valuable at this stage. This new platform could be a case study worth following for any future launches or activations in the Web 3.0 sector.

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