Virtual Classroom Babat online from , Circular

Virtual Classroom Babat online from  , Circular

Important Circular 5/5/2020 on Virtual Classroom Matters as well as a link to the form for teachers who want to join the Virtual Classroom

 Technosavvy teachers will be voluntarily attached to the Virtual Classroom only with their approval.

15 15 teachers per cluster will join

👉 Teachers will be trained
User Each teacher will be given a User Id.
 Each child will be given a unique Child ID.

Friends who are interested in teacher friends can fill the information online from the link below

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan 
Sau Ma Nagal Vadhe

                 Virtual Classroom Matter. Pursuant to the above subject to state that the Study from Home (Weekly Study Materials) given to you during the last six weeks by the entire Shiksha will be given to the Assistant District Project Co. Very commendable work has been done to reach the guardian with the help of Coordinator (QEM) and BRC / CRC Coordinator. During this period it was observed that many teacher friends formed groups of their students and guided them through video conferencing. It is decided to create a group of such innovative techno-savvy teachers through the entire education and train them to do teaching work through video conferencing with the help of innovative technology. Therefore, at present, a list of maximum 15 innovative techno-savvy teachers has to be prepared at each cluster level. This Innovative Technosevi teacher will have to voluntarily prepare the list in a way that they are willing to do. CRC Co.O. You will find a link to the form in the Microsoft team. Details have to be filled by 11/7/2050. Once the list is ready, these teacher friends will be trained by video conference with the help of Microsoft Workplace. This includes the work of innovative techno-savvy teachers. He is willing to do this after completing his vacation. 

Virtual Classroom Guide 

A guide to running virtual classrooms through Microsoft Teams. 

( 1 ) District Project Co. BRC / CRC Co. under the guidance of the Coordinator. To prepare a list of 12 most innovative techno-savvy teachers per cluster through the coordinator at present.

(2,) Microsoft Teams to prepare Microsoft Tearn panel for a group of 12 teachers per cluster.

( 3 ) CRC co. The coordinator will provide a user ID for Microsoft Teams. CRC Co. The coordinator will keep in touch with the CCC to ensure that everyone has received a user ID. ,

 ( 4 ) Innovative Technosavvy teacher by forming a group of students in their classroom / school or cluster school who have a parent's smart phone / tablet laptop or computer. The teacher will contact the parent and explain how to work in Microsoft Teams and install it on their device.

  ( 5 )  Each child will be given a unique ID through which they can use Microsoft Teams.

 ( 6 )  The teacher will create standard time / subject wise time table and give the time table to the students through parents (via WhatsApp, SMS etc.) 

 ( 7 )  According to the time table the teacher will prepare his content according to the standard / subject / chapter Content of

 ( 8 ) Microsoft Teams Gyansetu, GK, Diksha, e-Pathshala etc. will be uploaded through CCC.

 ( 9 ) The teacher will be trained in this whole matter. Training on how to use e-learning materials will be provided through MIS, CCC. 

 ( 10 )  Teachers should keep a record of VC done by themselves. And the CRC Coordinator will have to keep a record of Ve, including the number of students per teacher / subject wise.

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Virtual Classroom Babat online from , Circular
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