Korona vayaras Talim Hajar raheva babat , Halol


Korona vayaras Talim Hajar raheva babat

Matter of training under coronavirus.

It is planned to train the staff to meet the local situation regarding the above topic and reference letter and the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. All the primary teachers of the taluka should be present in the training as per the date and time as per the plan involved.

Must come with training wearing a mandatory mask.

BRC Coordinator Halol.

Taluka Primary Education Officer Halol.

Efforts are being made through the online education process to keep primary school children connected to the education and process in a situation of lockdown and to ensure that the education continues. While the government is currently trying to educate the children through the experiments of Safe Family Nest Safe, we have also made a small effort to educate the children by preparing online quizzes and delivering them to the children.

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Korona vayaras Talim Hajar raheva babat , Halol
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