SPL Rajao Hal Purti Kapat Na Karva BABATNO PARIPATR. Date 13/03/2020

SPL Rajao Hal Purti Kapat Na Karva BABATNO PARIPATR. Date 13/03/2020

Letter of issue of special leave to the fixed pay employees

prathmik shikshan niyamak kacheri gandhinagar dwara Fix pagari   karmchari special  leave  babat no tarikh 3 March no paripatra

Prathmik shikshan niyamak Ni kacheri gandhinagar doctor MI Joshi dwara  FIX PAGARI karmchariyon ne RAJA  baba paripatra


How Education Ecosystem is Changing the Online Education Landscape Photo: Education Ecosystem
The online learning industry is expected to grow over the next few years due to a variety of factors. A research report published by Research and Markets in December 2019 estimates that the industry will swell to $350 billion in 2025, up from $107 billion in 2015. Education Ecosystem, a startup in the online education landscape is planning to revolutionize the sector by targeting intermediate tech professionals and college students. 


Online learning involves the offering of courses and learning materials through the internet by virtual institutions, with the aim of equipping students with the knowledge that they can or cannot find from brick-and-mortar institutions. Online education as it exists today is purely supplemental to primary traditional education and does not replace the latter completely. Online education was pioneered by universities that provided course material to students who couldn’t attend campuses. However, new startups and institutions were founded to serve this purpose and provide services that universities and colleges cannot provide alone.

The biggest online companies in the world are based in Asia with China and India respectively taking the lead in online education. The industry is growing due to practical and effective education, internet penetration, a growing base of smartphone users, and flexibility that the online learning model offers to students and those who want to further their careers. Unexpected events such as disease outbreaks can potentially shape the future of the industry. The ongoing coronavirus epidemic that broke out in Wuhan, China, could play a huge role in promoting the growth of online education. Some parents have signed online classes for their children so that the students forced to remain at home can keep up with their peers. Although this is a temporary measure, it could potentially make online learning acceptable to parents who may have been against online education.

Education Ecosystem uses a practical, production-level work approach instead of theoretical learning preferred by other platforms. This is partly due to the audience that these platforms are targeting. Other learning platforms lay the foundation while Education Ecosystem translates the theoretical knowledge into practice. 

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SPL Rajao Hal Purti Kapat Na Karva BABATNO PARIPATR. Date 13/03/2020


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SPL Rajao Hal Purti Kapat Na Karva BABATNO PARIPATR. Date 13/03/2020
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