Class 3 Employees Help To Covid 19 By Gujarat Sarkar

Class 3 Employees Help To Covid 19 By Gujarat Sarkar

Any employee of the State Government of Gujarat as well as an employee of the District Panchayat can be used to serve coronavirus.  So apart from the doctors who are currently enjoying the leave of government employees, they can order corona operations anytime they want to be on standby.

The world when Corona's name is wrapped up.  Even India has not been excluded and coronavirus has spread its widespread in various states of India. While there are some cases of Karna in the state of Gujarat, Gujarat government is taking precautionary measures of Corona in which presently staff like doctors and police are important.  Apart from that, the employees of the District Panchayat and the Gujarat State Government were also present  While the raja holiday creatures are enjoying power, the government of Gujarat has issued a circular that any employee of the state government or district panchayat can be used in the process of stopping any employee. So now the employees of the state government or the employees of the district panchayat for any kind of work.  A humble request is made to be prepared.

Class 3 Employees Help to covid 19 by Gujarat Sarkar
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Class 3 Employees Help To Covid 19 By Gujarat Sarkar
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