Adhyayan Nishpatti kram Date-31/08/2019

Adhyayan Nishpatti kram Date- 31/08/2019


Ekam kasoti  Adhyayan Nishpatti ( Ekam kasoti ) kram sem-1
Ekam kasoti booklet Ma lakhva Mate adhyayan nishpatti kram
The unit test approach has been implemented in the Gujarati Primary School. They have to check and write the order based on their questions. The questions also have to be mentioned under which study execution. The learning paradigm for writing is placed on our website which is more than just guidance.
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UNIT TEST Adhyayan Nishpatti kram Date-  31/08/2019 Download

          All Subject Unit Test Sem 2 ( Ekam Kasoti ). in Model paper, PRIMARY SCHOOL Standard 3 To 8 All Subject Unit Test Sem. AVAILABLE IN COMPUTERISED Std-3 To 8 Exam Kasoti (PAT) Answer Key, Std-3 MATHS, Std-4 EVS, Std-5 GUJARATI, Std-6 MATHS, Std-7 SOCIAL SCIENCE, Std-8 ENGLISH, SEM 2 STD 8 HINDI UNIT TEST PAPER SOLUTION DATE 31/08/2019.

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Adhyayan Nishpatti kram Date 31/08/2019

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Adhyayan Nishpatti kram Date-31/08/2019
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