Adhyayan Nishpatti kram Date- 21/09/2019


The syllabus-based questions that are asked in the unit test taken every Saturday in elementary schools from 3 to 8 are designed on the basis of extracurricular activities. This study is also listed in the GCRT Booklet for Fall. So this tutorial is to be written in the unit test booklet as well. Our website has been solved by the question of where to write the Study Examination Unit Test Booklet, which is asked to be taken within the unit test. For you to write in your child's unit test booklet in your school, the date of the study test taken on our website is placed on our website by visiting our website. So hopefully the teaching work on our website will be very helpful to you.
Gujarat Primary Education Department conducts a unit test every Saturday to improve the standard of education of children from standard 3 to 8. This unit is asked questions of the syllabus in the test which is the week before that date. The question papers prepared on the basis of this syllabus are accessed by the Education Department at the BRC, CRC. At the time of receipt of these leaflets the school children are given question papers by the teachers and the answers to the question papers are verified by the children who have taken the course during that period. The unit is planned as a test for memory testing of children. Children provide the answers to the questions asked within the unit test. Based on these question papers, the children's answers are to be written in the unit test booklet.

Ekam Kasoti Adhyayan Nishpati Kram, Unit Test Paper Adhyayan Nishpati Kram for all weekly periodical test available on this page. Now Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan know as Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan SSA project implement by Gujarat Council of Elementary Education in Gujarat States.

 Standard 3 To 8 All Subject Unit Test Sem - 1. 

          All Subject Unit Test Sem 2 ( Ekam Kasoti ). in Model paper, PRIMARY SCHOOL Standard 3 To 8 All Subject Unit Test Sem. AVAILABLE IN COMPUTERISED Std-3 To 8 Exam Kasoti (PAT) Answer Key, Std-3 MATHS, Std-4 EVS, Std-5 GUJARATI, Std-6 MATHS, Std-7 SOCIAL SCIENCE, Std-8 ENGLISH, SEM 2 STD 8 HINDI UNIT TEST PAPER SOLUTION DATE 21/09/2019.

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Adhyayan Nishpatti kram Date - 21/09/2019

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Adhyayan Nishpatti kram Date- 21/09/2019
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