Punah Ekam Kasoti Standard - 8 Science Date:-08-02-2020

Punah Ekam Kasoti Standard - 8 Science  Date:-08-02-2020
The unit test approach has been implemented in the Gujarati Primary School. They have to check and write the order based on their questions. The questions also have to be mentioned under which study execution. The learning paradigm for writing is placed on our website which is more than just guidance.

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The unit test is conducted in the primary state of Gujarat for fifteen days. At the end of planning of this unit test, these unit tests are tested by the teacher. The unit test subject teachers are to check in 15 days and mark the unit test online. From now on, the state government recruits a school inspector to evaluate all primary schools.The police pepar compulsorily tests the unit every time he visits your school. After all teachers mark the unit test, this unit has to be re-tested at the end of the test. You have to take the test again by explaining to the students the issues that are not a problem in the test. The teacher takes the test again and again the test is done. This test is then used to keep track of which marks have been lowered in the test. This test shows the children to their parents and they sign the parents. Whenever the school inspector arrives at our school, these tests are compulsory to check which issues and the teacher has taken the test correctly. It will also check whether the parents have been signed in these tests as well.


Gujarat Primary School In Now progress so Std 3 To 8 Sem 2 ekam kasoti paper solution 

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STD - 8 Science
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Punah Ekam Kasoti Standard - 8 Science Date:-08-02-2020
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