Head Teachers 1 Day Training Module PDF - 20/02/2020

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Gujarat Tatam Primary school ma Aacharya ni 1 Divas ni Talim Babat GCERT Dvara Letter kara ma Aavel 6. Aa Talim Mate nu Module PDF ahi mukel chhe. Je Download kari ne shikshako mahiti melavi Shake chhe.

Letter of Gujarat Education Department: Letter dated 15/02/2020, subject to reference and mention of the letter dated 5/2/2020 of the Human Resource Development Department of the Government of India, enclosed with reference letter. In order to reduce the risk of viral infection, follow the important precautions involved with all the schools in your state (standard 1 to 12), including the Government of India involved. Ramam given instructions to request your action levels in order to circulate.

Mukhya shikshak 1 Day Talim Paripatra
Due to the completion of all the training months before the primary schools, the February and March months have been torn apart. While the time for curriculum within the school has already been shortened, the time for running these additional training courses will not be sufficient now. There is a running schedule as well as a Red Teacher training schedule When teachers need to go to school to get training, time is wasted and there is not enough time for the curriculum to become teachers and children. The training of the principal has also come up with how to do various government educational activities within the head teacher's school or even  Headteacher training has been organized as part of what to guide and inform what activities are going on.

Head Teachers 1 Day Training Module PDF - 20/02/2020


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Head Teachers 1 Day Training Module PDF - 20/02/2020
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