Kheda District - public holidays of the year 2020 for primary schools

Kheda  District - public holidays of the year 2020 for primary schools 

School Terms and Holidays for 2020
Holidays in different districts have been declared during the holidays celebrated in the primary schools during the year 2020. On this website you can find out what days and which festivals holidays are declared in these declared holidays till now in some of the districts of Gujarat in primary schools. The list of holiday festivals has been announced and the district in which the festival takes place To learn that it is positioned in the list of public holidays can visit our website

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    The list of holidays to be provided in the Government Primary Schools of Gujarat during the year 2020 is placed on our website ie you can see the holidays which are declared during the festivals in different districts as per the rules of the Government in the Primary Schools during 2020....

           P ublic holidays of the year 2020 for primary schools    

    1. Gir Somnath    ↣ CLICK HERE
    2. Anand             ↣ CLICK HERE
    3. Patan               ↣ CLICK HERE
    4. Rajkot             ↣ CLICK HERE
    5. Junagadh        ↣ CLICK HERE
    6. Botad              ↣ CLICK HERE
    7. Surat               ↣ CLICK HERE
    8. Mahisagar       ↣ CLICK HERE
    9. Bhavnagar      ↣ CLICK HERE 
    10. Panchamahal   ↣ CLICK HERE
    11. Kheda              ↣ 
    12. Gandhinagar     CLICK HERE
    13. Valsad            ↣  CLICK HERE
    14. Amreli              CLICK HERE
    15. Banaskntha    CLICK HERE
    16. Kachchh           CLICK HERE
    17. Mahesana      ↣ CLICK HERE
    18. Devbhumi Dwarka   ↣ CLICK HERE

    You can see the holiday of this district from the number of district holidays declared in the government primary schools in different districts.

    kheda  District - public holidays of the year 2020 for primary schools 


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    Kheda District - public holidays of the year 2020 for primary schools
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