Din vishesh ma Upayogi 366 Divas Mahima Bhag-2

Din vishesh ma Upayogi 366 Divas Mahima Bhag-2

If the day is specially celebrated in the primary schools of Gujarat, then the useful file that will be useful in celebrating this day in 365 days is also put on our blog and you can select the day as special day in your primary schools.

In the primary schools, children are encouraged to take guidance from the destinies of our country and every day, activities are done in the schools as a special day. The motive behind this activity is to inspire and cultivate good qualities and qualities

The land of India is called Bharatna Vasundhara Earth, meaning that many human gems have been created within India country. The Navratnas have taken the rank of world-bearers whose reputation and fame are spread all over the world and will be spread across the world for centuries.

Literature Education Art Religion Politics Culture Science This book aims to give a brief yet informative introduction to the marriage of instincts all over the world in the fields of various fields like science and science. May receive and make the journey of his life a human journey and achievement We superimposed the literature on our blog in the form of the texts it receives compassion

Unit test papers solution semester 2 primary school 2019

  1.  ekam kasoti (30/11/19) Paper Solution std 3to 8 CLICK HERE
  2.  PUNAH KASOTI 30/11/19     CLICK HERE

  3.  ekam kasoti (07/12/19) Paper Solution std 3to 8    CLICK HERE
  4.  Punah Kasoti 07/12/19    CLICK HERE
  5.  ekam kasoti (14/12/19) Paper Solution   CLICK HERE
  6.  Punah Kasoti 14/12/19   CLICK HERE
  7.  ekam kasoti (21/12/19) Paper Solution   CLICK HERE
  8.   Punah Kasoti 21/12/19 CLICK HERE
  9.  ekam kasoti (28/12/19) Paper Solution   CLICK HERE
  10.  Punah Kasoti 21/12/19     CLICK HERE

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    public holidays of the year 2020 for primary schools 

    Gandhinagar  CLICK HERE
    Amreli             CLICK HERE
    Banaskntha   CLICK HERE
    Kheda             CLICK HERE
    Kachchh        CLICK HERE
    Mahesana    CLICK HERE

    Mukh Vanchanama
    CLICK   ⇣⇣⇣⇣  KARO

    1. Paripatr Download
    2. Upayogi Materiyal

    This booklet is divided into three parts of 366 days of glory. The specialty of your purchase is that all the days of the whole year from 1st January to 31st December have been glorified in the context of the character of the great vignettes of the world that were born or created on each day of the year. This booklet is useful for school-college students, as it is written about life flesh and date. Will stay

    Din vishesh ma Upayogi 366 Divas Mahima Bhag-2

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    Din vishesh ma Upayogi 366 Divas Mahima Bhag-2
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